How Long Is a 30 Minute Pitch?

I had the unusual experience of getting to sit in while a StartupChick pitched a funder today, think “fly-on-the-wall”.  This woman is a serial entrepreneur and has a very successful business, starting another initiative for which she is hoping to raise funds.

She did a GREAT job:

  • She got their early and got set-up.
  • She tested the technology she needed for her pitch, before hand to ensure that it worked.
  • She made an instant connection with the funder by speaking in this person’s native language.
  • She finished with an ASK.

So, what did she do wrong, you ask??

She had a time-slot of 30 minutes.  Her pitch was timed perfectly for 30 minutes, including a 7 minute video.

So, in my opinion, her pitch was 15 minutes TOO long.  There was no time for interaction with the funder. The minute the funder asked 1 question, she was over the time limit for the meeting. Interaction is the BEST thing that could possibly happen in a 1st round investor meeting. Plan for it. Pray for it.

The second thing I believe she did wrong is… the video was too long.  2 minutes TOPS.  7 minutes is long enough that you could lose their interest before you get a chance to gain it.  Investors invest in people.  You should do the talking… not some video.

Just my 2 cents.

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