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The Path Less Travelled

Over the weekend I heard that Tessa Horeheld had left Engauge and was about to embark on an exciting journey. This morning I finally caught her post on it.

And it made me think about my own journeys, where I am at now, and well, about all of the StartupChicks who are forging their own path.

Being an entrepreneur is NOT easy. The odds are against us from the outset. You’ve read the stats. 70% of small businesses started this year will NOT be in business in 2013. 50% in 2016. (SBA.gov) The funding stats are even worse… Each year just over 1/2 a million businesses launch, about 3000 companies will get funded (http://www.dawnbreaker.com/about/phase3_win09/investment.php) by VC and/or organized angel groups.

Anyone in their right mind, would NOT choose this life. But, that’s just it…isn’t it? We didn’t choose this life, we didn’t choose this path? This path is who we are. We are entrepreneurs. We are StartupChicks. We are ALL blazing new trails and living an authentic life.

Tessa – Farewell. Safe travels. I look forward to reading about your journey as it unfolds!

1 thought on “The Path Less Travelled

  1. Thanks so much Jen! We have to choose what experiences we want for ourselves and make them happen. I’m pretty happy to not be in “right mind”. 😉 That sounds terribly boring, doesn’t it? Let’s conquer the world instead.

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