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Proud Mama Chick

For the last 2 days, I attended Venture Atlanta. The largest angel & venture capital conference in the Southeast. I am a proud alumni, having been chosen to participate in the Early Stage showcase in 2009 for Nexpense (acquired in 06/2012). Now, I attend to support our StartupChick and ATDC companies.

First and foremost, I have to congratulate ALL the presenters. I have been on that stage and others, there is nothing easy about sharing your passion w/ 500+ “suits” under the lights.

That being said, I am opinionated and known for speaking my mind. And while a lot of our local blog posts will not play favorites. I WILL.

My thoughts mean NOTHING. I am not currently investing in Startups. My current roles at both ATDC & StartupChicks call on me to help all entrepreneurs. If I invested in a company I’d be more likely to hedge my bets and spend more time & energy on making sure they succeed and therefore not giving others the attention they deserve. This is a HUGE challenge. ATDC has nearly 380 companies and StartupChicks over 1000. Time management is difficult, at best.

So, for those interested in my 2 cents….

Best Venture Stage Presentations:

Best Early Stage Presentations:

Best Surprise:



*  To be fair, I am biased. These companies are female founded and their founders are actively involved in StartupChicks as either participants or mentors/coaches.

** OK, I was caught in compromising positions with their lizard.

*** OK, I have a secret crush on the entire team.

**** They are WAY too young for me to have a crush on, but, I’ve watched them since Flashpoint and extremely impressed where they have been and where they are going.

Disclosure: I am not currently an angel or venture investor. While I intend to invest my own funds & others (via a future StartupChick fund), I have not made an investment in 2012. Right now, I invest my time. Pretty much 110% of it.

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