Start with the End in Mind

I had coffee this morning with a very successful entrepreneurial woman to discuss my latest venture StartupChicks (

As most of you know, StartupChicks is a networking organization for female entrepreneurs. StartupChicks seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. Our first meeting had @ 50 women attend, whereas I had hoped for 20. We currently have over 100 “members” registered on the site. And every day a Chick reaches out to me with an idea for a speaker or event.

Don’t get me wrong – this is fabulous. BUT…

I Started With OUT an End in Mind.

Now, this is a networking organization, so it can grow organically as it has, and the direction it takes could be driven by the community itself. But, if that happens….
– Will we find the right chicks?
– Will we have serial entrepreneurs with the experience to mentor young entrepreneurs?
– Will we have young entrepreneurs interested in starting high-growth venture backed businesses?
– Will we be able to find high quality speakers?
– Will we be able to find high quality sponsors?

The answer is probably not. Not unless someone is steering the ship. Not unless someone (me) has an End in Mind.

If you’re in a startup in a similar situation, it’s time to re-group. What is your End in Mind.

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