Perfecting The Pitch

In the last month, I have launched two of my initiatives: the relaunch of and Startup Chicks.

It’s been a crazy busy month! In addition, I’m on what I’m calling “the startup circuit”. At least 2 nights per week, I’m at some event related to technology and/or startups to pitch Startup Chicks.

Here’s the thing. I didn’t realize I needed a Pitch!

You start a business and need to raise money, you know you need a pitch. But, starting a networking group???

Well, it seems I’ve hit a nerve (At least in the Atlanta Tech/Startup Community) . In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been to 2 major events: Startup Riot and Capital Lounge. Both events are intended to connect startups to investors. Both events has @ 300 people in attendance, mostly entrepreneurs. Both events had less than 30 women in attendance (including sponsors)!

The community has been extremely supportive. The organizers of both of the events, the press (and others) have been graciously helping me spread the word, and would like to see Startup Chicks succeed.

But, I also get a lot of questions. The biggest questions being “what is a startup chick?” And, I don’t really have a good answer. I know what I think a startup chick is… but, who am I to say a solo practitioner/freelancer isn’t a startup chick. Who am I to say the woman who sells Avon isn’t a startup chick?

Well, it’s time to get clear. This weekend, I’m going to clearly define who a startup chick is (and what she is not), and clearly identify the organization that I would like Startup Chicks to become. And once I have clarity, I will come up with the pitch….

I may even go to Startup Gauntlet to practice!

Because Monday I go back on the “startup circuit” with more people to pitch!

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