100 Steps from the Handicapped Space to the Door?

I’ve been on crutches for 4 weeks, today.  And it is amazing to me how many companies/buildings make is REALLY difficult for handicapped people to be able to function.

Today, I’m back at ATDC in the Centergy Building.  The Centergy Building is a 10 year old, awarding winning LEED building.  BUT, it sucks for Handicapped.  Here is some of the little details that someone forgot…

1.) Parking Deck.  It’s great that the 5th floor of the parking deck has handicapped buttons to open the doors to the elevators and walkway.  But, did you know it’s still about 100 steps from the closest handicapped spot to the front door of the building?  Also, why does the 4th floor have handicapped spots, but, no handicapped buttons to open the doors.  OH, and the bridge from the garage to the door of the building…. is slightly downhill.  Which means uphill on your way out. Who thought that was a good idea?

2.) Front door of the building. Security must get up from the desk to let you in.

3.) Bathrooms.  There is a handicapped stall in the bathroom, with no sink.  Think about it.  I, now, have to touch my crutches BEFORE I wash my hands.

4.) Let’s talk about the sinks.  The paper towel dispenser is too far from the sinks.  People wash their hands and drip water on the floor to get to the dispenser.  This is very dangerous for a person on crutches… wet tile SUCKS.

5.) Kitchen.  The ATDC Kitchen is a disaster.  It’s Monday lunchtime and already the floor near the sink is sticky.  My crutch got stuck and I was forced to put my bad foot down to avoid a fall.

Most of these are tiny, inexpensive things to fix and/or get right.

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