Self-Reliance or Loss Thereof

I own 2 homes.  I have a nice car.  I have been saving for retirement since my first job, I have never been without health insurance, even though usually self-employed. I am an excellent cook. I take pride in the fact that I can take care of myself.

I am a self-reliant and independent woman, at times (according to my friends and former boyfriends) too much so.

I am 3 weeks into my recovery from foot surgery.  I have been on “limited activity” for 3 weeks.  My doctor defines limited activity as… my foot is to NOT touch the floor.  My foot is in a black plastic boot to prevent me from accidentally bumping it on something.  I must wear the boot 24 hours a day. I have to sleep on my back with my foot propped and I spend my day in a chair with my foot propped on an ottoman with 2 additional pillows under my foot alternating between ice and no-ice.  I use crutches to hobble from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the living room.  Family and friends have to bring me food to eat, water to drink, ice for my foot, open doors, do my laundry, etc.

The first week is a blur. I was on extreme pain killers.  Since then, it’s been better. The pain is subsiding. I sometime get a sharp stabbing pain deep in the bone. I, often, have a burning sensation from the burns where the boot has rubbed wrong. I’ve weened my self off the pain killers. For the most part, its just uncomfortable 100% of the time.

Today, I got permission to drive! And permission to start putting some pressure on my foot – putting my heel down walking on crutches for 5 minutes every 2 hours. Woot!

I started back at work on January 2nd. Working primarily from home, having made the trek into Savannah for several events.  Savannah is not a very crutch friendly city.

This weekend I head back to Atlanta and I’m currently working on the logistical challenges:

  • How will I get my suitcase out of the car and into my house? Stairs are involved.
  • How will I get groceries?
  • How will I get meals from the kitchen to the table?
  • How will I do laundry?
  • Who will open the door for me?

It is EXTREMELY frustrating for me to NOT be self-sufficient. And I am grateful that this is temporary situation.  It has caused me to think a lot about what it would be like if this was not a temporary situation AND how we treat people with handicaps and disabilities.

On the positive side, I’ve gotten a lot better at asking for help. And hopefully this will make me a better leader in my next Startup!


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