The Power of Punctuation

I tend to use punctuation in text messages and on Twitter.  I’ve EVEN had people make fun of me on twitter because of it.  But, today I learned the true value of using punctation in these new short messages that we seem to be addicted to:

I lost my cleaning person today.  She quit via text message due to a response I sent her via text.  The problem was… she didn’t use punctuation in her original text… so I interpreted her message differently than it was intended.  And then, she did the same to my response.

“Hi Jennifer – I feel terrible but my schedule is full next week because of thanksgiving would u mind if I come in the morning?”
My thought process was: I thought I was on your schedule for this week, not next.  And didn’t you text me yesterday and say that you are today?  Or am I losing my mind?   So, I responded:
“You texted me yesterday and said you were coming today???”
Ok, so maybe I was excessive on the question marks.  BUT, apparently she is sick, and meant to say:
“Hi Jennifer – I feel terrible.  (implication: I can’t clean your house today I am sick)  My schedule is full next week because of
thanksgiving. Would u mind if I come in the morning?”

One little period and my house would be clean tomorrow afternoon.

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