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Today I start my new job as a Community Catalyst at ATDC (http://www.atdc.org).

So, what is a Community Catalyst?  Guess we’ll figure that out as we go…. but, similar to an Entrepreneur In Residence(EIR), I will be coaching ATDC Companies.  In addition, I’ll play a bit of a community activist role: promoting ATDC, its companies and our community.  I’ll be working with the ATDC mentors and helping with the programming of education/events.  AND due to my own affinity for the Coastal Empire, I’ll be spending some of my time in Savannah doing all of the above.

It seems fitting that I will be moving into an office formerly occupied by Lance Weatherby, as my journey to this position/place started 3 years ago with a conversation with him.

It was shortly after my mentor, Jeff Haynie announced on his blog that he was moving Appcelerator from Atlanta to Silicon Valley.  The usual Atlanta-as-a-Startup-Community bashing occurred. There is no need to re-hash it. We talk about it too much, as it is.  But, this time it was the impetus for me to get re-involved in the Startup Community.  I was sick of all the talk about the community (or lack thereof), I wanted to do something.

I reached out to Lance and asked him one simple question: How do I get re-involved in the Startup community?  He got me connected.  That conversation eventually led to the formation of StartupChicks and now, to my new role at ATDC.

So, Thanks Lance!

P.S.  ATDC Entrepreneurs – you now know where to find me.  Drop by!

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