Vote NO on Amendment 1

Hi. I have mixed feelings about this…. I am not a political person.  I do NOT have a political bone in my body.  One of the reasons I LOVE Startups is the lack of office politics…. quite frankly, I'm NOT good at them. 

BUT, on this one thing… I do feel the need to ensure that you are EDUCATED on this amendment that we in Georgia will be voting on, on Tuesday….

The wording is tricky…. it implies that you will be making Georgia more economically sound, have more opportunity, if you vote YES.  HOWEVER, that is simply UNTRUE.  Voting YES could actually undermine all the cool and exciting stuff that we have going on.

If you vote yes, you will be making non-compete agreements enforcable in Georgia.

Lance Weatherby did a GREAT write-up of this on his blog, Force of Good.  Here's a quote:

“The proposed constitutional amendment will shackle employees to businesses, and strangle the present rights of employees to go out and work for competitors or start new competing businesses.”

I can't tell you how to vote. I encourage to look behind the jargon on the ballot, do your research and vote your conscious. 

I'll be voting NO.


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