Afraid of People "Stealing" Your Idea?

A StartupChick recently emailed me and asked me how do you protect yourself from people “stealing” your idea.

Here's how I responded:

There is really no way to stop someone from “stealing” your idea. But, I've come to learn that your idea isn't real and isn't validated until
you share it with others. You start by sharing it with your friends,
family and trusted advisors. Eventually, you share it with more and
more people.

Ideas in and of their selves do not lead to success. Execution leads
to success. 100 people can have the exact same idea. 90 of them won't
ever execute on it, of the other 10 that might… some will drop out
and some will succeed. AND in the end, what you succeed with is likely
be very different from your original idea.


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