It takes a Community

Any of you that have met me… or been to an event where I did more than make introductions, already know how I feel about TEAMS.

My usual statement is that it “takes a team”.  No MATTER what kind of startup you are starting, it takes a team of people to design, develop, build, sell, promote, service the BEST of whatever it is that you are providing.  That team may be employees, or it could be vendors, or it could just be a GREAT group of like-minded people that you can leverage as your sounding board, your advisors, your peer group.

Today I'm changing that up…. it takes a COMMUNITY. 

I'm about 40-some hours from pitching Nexpense to 300+ Women 2.0 members and investors/entrepreneurs.  And I'm feeling OK.  I'm feeling ready.  And that's because I belong to this AMAZING Atlanta Startup Community.

About a week ago, I reached out to a bunch of Startup Community Leaders – Angel Investors, ATDC Venture Catalysts, StartupChicks Advisory Board Members.  I asked for and organized a “StartupGauntlet” for myself.  That is, a practice pitch.  I give my pitch. They listen, critique and help me prep.

Yesterday, I ran the Gauntlet.  It's not as fun, when you're the only one pitching.  BUT, I know that my pitch deck is 1000% better because of it.  And I know that I am better prepared than before.  I've still got 40 hours… and I'll be practicing/fine tuning my pitch over that time. AND I will ROCK the house on 11/4.

But, even more importantly for you…. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE that are willing, ready and able to HELP you with your business.  Sometimes ALL you need to do is ask for HELP.

Make the ASK.  Who knows???


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