Are you (or your business) pulling a "turtle"?

I spent most of today reviewing web and call stats for our primary breadwinner (http://www.buytough.com).  And what I found ain’t pretty…

Google Stats - 4th Quarter
Google Stats - 4th Quarter

Visits down over 21%. Page Views down. Everything down.

Now, I knew things were slow due to the “economy”.

But, I (and the rest of management at my company) were pulling a “turtle”.  We pulled our heads into our shells, dug in, and ignored all the signs.  We all fell back to doing what we have traditionally done best.  I am re-designing the site. They have been selling (or trying to…).

BUT, none of us got strategic OR creative.  It’s not too late. It’s only one quarter.  But, you can bet were gonna get strategic NOW!

Are you pulling a “turtle”?

** Need to give credit to Shannon Hubbell for the word “turtle” or “turtling”.  You can find her at http://www.twitter.com/shbbll.

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