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Rise of the Rest Visits Atlanta

Upcoming BIG Event Steve Case’s “Rise of the Rest” Tour visits Atlanta on 5/7. All day event culminating w/ pitches at Opera between 2-5pm. At least one $100000 check will be written by Steve Case’s Revolution Partners at this event. It’s a little confusing… because there up to 4 different links to register for various parts of the event.  Here…

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Sweating the Small Stuff

I’d like to think that I don’t “sweat the small stuff”. I’m sure everyone does.  But, sometimes something happens to make you realize it’s ALMOST all small stuff. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself.  I’m still recovering from foot surgery.  I’m still in a “boot”. I still need crutches for “long distances”.  At my “top” speed, I’m still slow.  I get…

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